I am so so proud to say my book pictured above is officially released today! Within it is my story. It’s a compilation of┬ámany long long nights. Within it is a glimpse of the past few years of my life compiled into words and pictures. Within it is the outcome   Read More ...

I had the privilege of being interviewed by George Chamberlin of NBC’s Money Matters a couple of weeks ago. I was SO nervous but George and the newsroom crew were so awesome, I felt right at home! Here is a clip of that interview! I discuss my story of how   Read More ...

  My cake pops are gracing the splash page of Good Morning America online next to recipes by Emeril Lagasse! Gahhhhhh! I feel so honored!! Make your own Patriotic Cake Pops to munch on while watching fireworks! Tweet

I can’t exactly share the news quite yet… There have been a few hints you may have seen on my Facebook or on my Instagram (@kcreative). Anyway, here are more hints and clues as to what’s coming; on November 12th to be exact. For a moment, lets pretend I can   Read More ...

Sprinkles. Is there anything but happiness that come from these little edible bits of color? I love sprinkles and I love using them like there’s no tomorrow, however I rarely get requests for just plain round cake pops with rainbow sprinkles, so I just made them to show you how   Read More ...

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! By now you should all know that I’m a sucker for chocolate and pastries (and EVERYTHING in between). Effff the flowers and gimme something I can eat! Lol, I hope you enjoy the day. As always, my cake pops are totally handmade. The cakes   Read More ...

I’ll be volunteering at the Kroc Center On February 7th and running a cake pop workshop! $20 is one heck of a deal so take advantage of it!! Tweet

I have never constructed an actual gingerbread house until I made these cake pops. Ok ok, I know it doesn’t exactly count but hey, at least I can say I have now! -Well, sort of! I wanted to add a lot of puffy billowy snow on the roof top. Waking   Read More ...

Roasted turkey is yummy!! Rotisserie style! Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble up plenty of good food! Tweet

Thanksgiving is only a week away! I love this holiday not just because turkey comas are fashionable and almost a requirement, but also because I consider it an autopilot holiday. There’s always so much good food and you already know what you’re cooking. Even if you’re not hosting the feast   Read More ...

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Peanut Butter Cake

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Cheddar Bay Biscuits

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Salted Caramel Cupcakes

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