Hi, my name is Kris.

Photo by Chris Wojdak Photography

I am a wife, a mom and one of the most original custom cake pop makers around. I love lights at night and I have an incredibly sleazy love affair with food.

This new site will be my vehicle to share with you my current projects, cake pops, recipes, random things that interest or inspire me, and any tutorials that I make. By the way, BEWARE- I warn you now, I’m a Hello Kitty fanatic. It’s not the Hello Kitty pencils and keychains I like; more like Hello Kitty gadgets and appliances [utter comment about feeling sorry for husband now].

Ok, on to my background info. I’m pretty sure some of you are curious as to who the hell this chick is that makes these crazy cake pops…

Well, it was by accident that I found out I had this random talent of making crazy cake pops. Before this journey into the sweets and cute food world, I was in advertising. I worked for, which at the time, was one of the top 10 ad agencies in San Diego. I started as an intern and hired on while still in college; I have a BS in advertising & design. I did the majority of the graphic design work and played a huge role in the art direction and conception of the jobs. So anyway, this explains my eye for detail and always producing “clean” works. I also do my own photography. I have a high standard of quality when it comes to things I produce, whatever it may be.

Long story short, I was pregnant when the economy went down the toilet. After having my first daughter, when it was time to go back to work, there pretty much was none. The agency (like any other ad agency) lost accounts and had to make cuts. I was cut.

Many moons pass and in hunting for cool unusual stuff for my daughter’s 1st birthday party, I stumble upon Bakerella’s Hello Kitty cake pops and thought, “I could sooo make that..”. My oven was broken so I revisited the how-to a couple of months later in late August 2009. My first batch was ok, my main issue was the candy melts. I made balls and footballs that looked good with not very many fatalities. I was surprised that it almost felt like second nature to me… maybe because of my design experience and my love for doing crafty stuffs. Right off the bat, after this one experience, I knew exactly how I wanted my dough to feel, I had a good grasp on ways to execute the ideas that came to mind– I had made a list of tweaks. Two weeks later, I made my second batch and this time they were the Hello Kitty pops. They came out pretty good, really smooth and there weren’t very many “rejects”. Here are the photos of this batch. Not bad for round 2, right??

So this is how the love was born. I posted pictures on my personal Facebook and the inquiries started flowing in. Crazy right? I thought, -this is cool, fun for right now-. I made cake pops here and there for about six, seven months and then I took a lot of time off after having my second daughter in the summer of 2010. In that time, I did a lot of self reflecting and battled with ‘mommy vs. career’ woes.

In January 2011 I decided to completely dedicate myself to this craft. I started making pops again with the intent of being really great at it and taking a complete original approach in my cake pop designs. Here we are today.

Since stumbling upon cake pops, I feel like I have entered into the most creative arena of my life so far. I feel so liberated in this brand new industry. I’m able to use ALL the skills I’ve acquired into this venture. From art & engineering, to business, to my love for people and food. On a daily basis, I am putting my energy into doing EVERYTHING that I love. I feel so accomplished by being able to say that. Yup. I’m Kris and I make the crazy cake pops.

Want to know more about me? Just ask! Leave a comment.


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  1. Renie Gannett says:

    Hi Kris,

    I love your cake pops. I, like you, kind of stumbled onto these goodies. The ones I make aren’t pops on a stick, simply cake truffles. I have a question for you. I’m curious what you used to cover the very dark purple pops. I have tried the candy melts and haven’t had much success. Is there some trick you have, that you’d be willing to share? Thanks so much. Good luck with the business.

    Renie Gannett

  2. Gabriela says:

    Hi! I’m from Mexico city and while I was searching about cake pops or any other idea to get money as a mom I found this fantastic website! Congratulations for your creativity!!! And also I wanna say to you: Congratulations for your decision!!! When I read your phrase:”I did a lot of self reflecting and battled with ‘mommy vs. career’ woes” I understood that all moms in the world feel the same. I studied Journalism and I’m still reflecting about “Mommy Vs career”.

    • kris says:

      Hi! thanks for sharing that and I’m glad your search brought you here! It’s always a relief to know you’re not alone, especially when it comes to kids vs. work! I never thought it would be such a challenge. :) Thank you so much and welcome to my site! Please follow me on Facebook as well– that’s where I post photos constantly.

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